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Destinations   Sabará

In Sabará (24km from Belo Horizonte), see the minute Nossa Senhora do Ó - Our Lady of Ó church, built in 1717, in what could be called, early baroque style, decorated in gold with pagodas and Chinese as decoration. An Elizabethan Theatre where in Brazil? In Sabará! and perfect acoustics to this day.
The glory of the 18th century brought by the gold and diamond rush, architecture, paintings and sculptures is the heritage found in Minas Gerais making Brazil one of the best sites in the world to see the baroque style.

One of the most intriguing aspects of a visit is, no doubt, to see that local artists learned from their Portuguese masters, but it is undeniable that their own mastery left a fingerprint in each and every monument.

The altitude tropical climate has dry winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature is
18° C.

How to get there:
By Air: Fly to Belo Horizonte. Sabará is in the metropolitan region of the capital city. Exit on Cristiano Machado Avenue and head towards Vitória, State of Espírito Santo.


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