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Destinations   Porto Seguro

The history of Porto Seguro begins on April 22, 1500, when Pedro Álvares Cabral discovered Brazil. During the first three decades after the discovery, Portugueses constructed Igreja da Glória - the first church built in Brazil. The economy of the small village was based on 'pau-brasil' (red brazil dyewood) extraction. In the 70's, Porto Seguro became one of Brazil's favorite tourist attractions. Besides monuments, churches and the colonial houses, the beautiful landscape seen by Cabral's squadron evokes history. Today, it is a resort town composed by Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso, in where the best beaches are located.

The climate here is hot, tropical and humid, with temperatures averaging 24,4º C, with a minimum temperature of 20,9º C and a maximum temperature of 30,6º C. Rainfall is more frequent from March to May.

How to get there
By Plane: The Porto Seguro Airport is the third largest airport in the Brazilian Northeastern region in terms of number of passengers. Many national and international companies offer regular lines and daily flights to Porto Seguro.

By Bus/Car: It is 730 km away from Salvador. Visitors must take the BR-101 federal highway, in the direction of the towns of Itabuna, Itagimirim, Paraíso, following it until they reach the town of Eunápolis. From this town, it is necessary to take BR-367 federal highway and drive more than 65 km to downtown Porto Seguro. Also, from Salvador, visitors must take the BR-324 federal highway until the junction with the BR-101 federal highway and proceed to Eunápolis (km 658), proceeding for another 65 km on the BR-367 federal highway to Porto Seguro.
By Boat/Cruise: for the Ferryboat System, drive along the BA-001 and the BR-101 highways until Eunápolis (546 km), proceeding for another 65 km on the BR-367 federal highway to Porto Seguro. At the port of Porto Seguro, cruise ships on domestic and international tours make a stop in the town

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