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Destinations   Mariana

Mariana was the first city, capital, village and the State diocese. It started out as a camping ground on the banks of the Carmo River in 1703, founded by Minas Gerais explorers looking for a strategic location in the gold rush that was underway in the region.

From a camping ground it became a Village, a few years later, and then, in 1745, it became a city. It was named Mariana in honour of Dona Maria Ana D'Austria, the wife of Don João V.

It was the birthplace of great talents such as Manuel da Costa Ataíde (a master of sacred paintings), Cláudio Manuel da Costa (poet and inconfidente (member of the Minas Conspiracy)), Frei Santa Rita Durão (author of the poem "Caramuru"), Father Joaquim da Rocha (inconfidente (a member of the Minas Conspiracy)), among others.

Mariana is located on the Gold Circuit, in the central tourism area of Minas Gerais. Most of its historical and cultural heritage is found on the city streets in big houses, squares and churches. The Barão do Pontal house enchants every visitor with its beautiful soapstone balconies. The Sé Cathedral and the Saint Francis Church have beautiful art works from the Minas colonial era.

It has an altitude tropical climate with a dry winter and mild summer. The average annual temperature is 18°C (64ºC).

How to get there
By Air: the closest airport is Pampulha, in Belo Horizonte. Leaving Belo Horizonte, take BR 040 to the exit to Rodovia dos Inconfidentes (BR 356), towards Ouro Preto. From there, continue on to Mariana, which is 18 km (11 miles) away.

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