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Destinations   Mamirauá

The Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve had been the first unit of conservation this category implemented in Brazil.
It is located in the Amazon Region known as the Middle Solimões, where Japurá and Solimões rivers meet. It is the largest reserve created to protect the Amazonian flood plain. Due to the importance of its flood plain, this area is under the coverage of the United Nations Ramsar Convention, which protects floodable areas all over the world.

The seasonal flooding of the Solimões river rises the water level from 10 to 12 meters during the yearly rainy season. This is caused by the defrosting of the Andean icea caps which drain to the Amazonian rainforest.

The flood dictates the geomorphology, fauna, flora and even humam occupation. The fauna observed in this environments is mostly endemic, limited by the long months of flooding. On the other hand, this allows the unique adaptations that endemism in that environment. Human occupation in the reserve exists since beginnings of the 20th century.

The climate in Mamiraua is hot and humid all year long. The temperatures range from 23ºC to 33ºC.

How to get there
The only town in the region. The trip takes over an hour. It is possible to get to Tefe by air or water.
By Air: there is one flight per day to the town
By Water: leaving from Manaus, the trip takes 36 hours. Many of the State's natural wonders can be enjoyed along the way. There are also speedboats for transporting passengers (popularly called "express boats"), which make the journey in up to 12 hours.


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