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Destinations   Jalapão

In the heartland of Brazil, in the middle of the immensity of Serra Geral with its rivers of pure and crystalline water, beaches, arid and primitive nature, there is JALAPÃO.
Located in the west of the recently formed state of Tocantins, with an area of 34.133km2, it is a transition region between the stunted spare vegetation and waste land composed of stunted twisted trees, called "Jalapão desert" - it is really a large oasis, since, in spite of the sandy soil, this region pertaining to the mountain has springs and brooks which in their descent to the Tocantins river valley, besides forming beautiful waterfalls and rapids, allows the survival of a diversified fauna and flora.
The origin of the word Jalapão is related to the Jalapa (plant found in that region)
The Jalapão area is one of the most isolated and most difficult to access in the country. Thus, a special vehicle is necessary and as well as a careful planning.

The regions climate is considered sub-humid (AW), with maximum annual temperatures varying from 30°C to 32°C, from August to November, partly due to the end of the dry season, when smoke from the burning brush in the hinterland contributes to elevate the temperatures; and lows of between 18ºC and 19ºC, in June and July.
There are two well-defined seasons during the year: the rainy season, between October and April and the dry season, between May and September.

How to get there
By Highway - BR-153: Intense lorry traffic. Starting in Estreito, on the border of Tocantins to Wanderlândia, from Araguaína to Nova Olinda and from Presidente Kennedy to Guaraí the roads are in bad condition. The TO-255, from Porto Nacional to Ponte Alta de Tocantins, is newly paved. After this stretch, there are sections with soft sand, pointed stones and holes, perfect for 4X4s.

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