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Destinations   Guaruja

Close to São Paulo, 86km after crossing the Santos canal on a ferry-boat or taking a modern direct highway, program a visit to Guarujá during the week if you want a day visit. Weekend stays should start on Friday and end on Monday avoiding the weekend return traffic to São Paulo.
On weekends "Paulistas" (São Paulo inhabitants) spend their time off in this island, a resort since the 1950's and the closest and best option by the sea from São Paulo. Street shopping, cinemas, shopping centers make of Guarujá a modern and busy place to be. Nightlife on Saturdays is varied and there is always something interesting to do.

Intertropical: Hot and humid. The annual average temperature ranges between lows of 10ºC (50°F), and highs of 38°C (100.4°F)

How to get there
By Air: There are three daily shuttle buses between the city and the Congonhas airport (in the city of São Paulo) and the Cumbica airport (in the city of Guarulhos).

By Road: It is possible to arrive in Guarujá by the Imigrantes road (SP-160) or by the Anchieta road (SP-150).


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