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Destinations   Brasilia

Since the very first stages of Brazil as a colony, the Portuguese had a plan of having the capital moved inland. It was, at the time, a strategy to protect the capital from pirate's invasion. The site had been chosen - the centre of the country - but it remained a dream until 1955 when Juscelino Kubitschek became President of Brazil. The transition between dream and reality was brought forth under Lucio Costa's urban planning conception, poetically translated into a simple sign, like someone who possesses a place and in this place maps out two lines that cross symbolizing the Sign of the Cross. Brasília also existed in Saint John Bosco's prophesy: "Between the parallels 15 and 20, is a very large and long riverbed that will become a lake in its beginning, when people hollow out the hidden mines among these hills, then the promised land will appear where milk and honey will sprout and there will be incredible richness".

Oscar Niemeyer who declared planned Brasília's unique architecture: "Architects today should pay more attention to the buildings of humanity's old ages. Certain traces and archaeological findings replenish us with admiration. The perfection of old temples has never been equaled".

The best time to visit the city is from April to June, when the dry season has yet to begin and beautiful days of the bluest sky are quite common – an unforgettable, unique spectacle.

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